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An open source productivity extension for your browser.

Imagine a browsing experience where seamless organization meets enhanced productivity – that's Dashlit's promise.
Dashlit makes yout online journey becomes a harmonious symphony of efficiency and order like never before

Why is it so great?
Because of the features it provides.

Google calendar and gmail integration

Stay connected with Dashlit's Google integration. Emails, calendar, and events seamlessly on your browser's home screen. Real-time updates for a synced schedule. Your personal browser assistant.

Your Home Screen, Your Way

Dashlit: Your browser's personalized haven. Customize with sites, widgets, shortcuts. Organized, clutter-free space that reflects you.

Speed of Thought Navigation with Keymaps

Dashlit: Turbocharge browsing with custom keymaps. Instant access to sites, tools via shortcuts. Effortless online efficiency.

A Symphony of Link Management

Tame link chaos with Dashlit. Add multiple links seamlessly. Your content treasure trove, always accessible.

Elegant Link Organization with Tags and Folders

Goodbye bookmark chaos! Dashlit lets you organize with tags and folders. Effortlessly curated link library.

Masterful Searching and Filtering

Exciting updates coming soon: Pomodoro, notes, weather, and more! Stay tuned.

Your Browsing Sanctuary Across Platforms

Dashlit: Harmony across browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari – we've got you covered. Stay organized and in control

Your Online Privacy, Fortified

Your privacy matters. Dashlit guards your data like a fortress. Only you have access.

Collaboration, Simplified

Dashlit: Teamwork made easy. Share links, folders, settings effortlessly. Seamlessly collaborate for project success.

In the grand finale, allow me to present Dashlit – the browser productivity extension that's poised to elevate your online escapades. With Google integration, personalized home screens, lightning-fast keymaps, and elegant link management, Dashlit empowers you to reign over your browsing realm. Seize productivity, embrace organization, and unleash your browser's true potential with Dashlit today. Let each moment online be a canvas of possibilities! 🎨🌟

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